LOHAS in Sweden

Interesting facts about LOHAS in Sweden

In Sweden, we have found that LOHAS seem to be larger than anywhere else. Estimates done by us based on the TNS Sifo Orvesto database, suggest that more than 35 % of the Swedish population may be regarded as LOHAS individuals. Sweden and Scandinavia has a long tradition of focus on sustainability and health. Sweden ranks first in the EU in consumption of organic foods, leads the way in recycling drinks cans and bottles, and gets the highest share of its energy from renewable sources. A study by the European Commission found that 40 per cent of Swedes had purchased an eco-labeled item in the past month, which is more often than the European average. Health is important for Swedes. Sweden has the lowest proportion of smokers among EU member states and the highest rate of health clubs in Europe with 13 clubs per 100 000 inhabitants (USA: 7,2) according to the International Health-Racquet & Sports club association.

LOHAS share of population (Sweden)

LOHAS has had a steady growth in Sweden in the last 10 years. From around 25% to aound 40%. This is a trend that can not be ignored. There was a bump in the timeline in 2007 to 2008. This might have been the “Al Gore Effect”, when the book “An inconvenient truth” was on everyone’s lips. Then recession and financial crisis set in, shifting slight focus from sustainability towards survival issues, for some.

LOHAS demographics (Sweden)

In Sweden a LOHAS person is a highly educated woman in her mid thirties to late fifties with an income above 300 000 SEK per year. LOHAS among unemployed, unskilled men are few and far between. LOHAS are predominantly living in large cities of Sweden such as Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala, Linköping, Örebro and Umeå.

LOHAS interests & lifestyle (Sweden)

According to our research, LOHAS consumers have less interest of shopping discount. They visit budget stores, like Lidl, Netto and Willys, less than the average Swede. Second hand and vintage stores are visited frequently.

LOHAS individuals like sailing and many of them own sailing boats, rather than motor boats. Gardening and tending to their homes is essential to LOHAS, but they prefer to outsource landscaping and home cleaning. However, when it comes to childcare and helping out with homework, outsourcing is not an option. LOHAS individuals like listening to music, preferably jazz & blues, opera and reggae. They read a daily newspaper on paper and online, and like to stay informed on social issues and politics.

LOHAS travel a lot and prefer to be Eco tourist if possible. They tend to eat out more, got to the movies, and enjoy themselves in a sophisticated and indulgent way. But never overindulgent, and always with a sharp eye for what is good for their health, and the planet. LOHAS travel by public transportation, because they don’t own a car. When shopping for food, they spend their money on organic groceries, fair trade and authentic food.


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